The ultra-thin porcelain stoneware is the first surface combining reduced thickness and broad dimensions to attractive finishes and high-standard technical features, making it an advanced product in terms of quality. Thanks to those characteristics and to the easy processing, the ultra-thin porcelain stoneware slabs represent an interesting and versatile material perfect to personalize interior spaces and fittings. The broad size, along with its lightness due to the reduced thickness, make this material perfect to cover counter tops, washbasins, shower trays, floors and walls.

Our company has been working for over 20 years in the processing and conversion of various materials and features the most cutting-edge technologies to cut, pierce and mould the ultra-thin porcelain stoneware (Gres) increasing the possibilities of use of this material: the high degree of industrialization and the sophisticated craftsmanship attained by the company are the key factors that distinguish our work and allow us to manufacture “tailored” products for each of our customers.

Hygenic surface

Easy to clean and maintain

Compact surface, no surface porosity (water absorbption 0.1% average value)

Dimensional stability

Suitable as an indoor or outdoor solution

Resistant to heat and high temperatures

Resistant to mould and fungi

Stain resistant

Resistant to detergents and cleaning products

Resistant to chemicals, acids, alkalis and solvents

Resistant to thermal shock

Frost resistant

Resistant to umidity

Resistant to UV light, no alteration to colours

Resistant to flexion

Resistant to scratching and abrasion

Resistant to wear
and scratches,
it cleans easily
and does not yellow

Compared to acrylic materials normally used in bathroom furnishings, it allows a bigger choice of colors and textures

Possibility to
coordinate floor,
lining, shower tray,
sink and tub