Washbasin with integrated sink

Nami Bath’s washbasin with integrated sink are designed to be highly reliable and effective in any context. They have an integrated sink, with fully customizable sizes and finishes. Their rectangular shape and their resistance, thanks to the absolute reliability of ultra-thin porcelain stoneware, make them elements of absolute value. The great possibility to customize these complements also allows a great variety of furnishing possibilities suitable for every need, starting from compact models with a thin structure, to products with a wider and longer surface, creating a surface that can be used as a “storage” area. The reliability of ultra-thin stoneware gives safety and resistance, guaranteeing a product that lasts over time while keeping the liveliness of the colors and the elegance of the shapes unchanged. The washbasins are available on the wall or on any surface, from wood to stone, from glass to marble through the Gres itself, adapting to them as if they were a single piece. Versatility is the strong point of the Nami Bath collection, as well as the variety of styles: whether you choose a total white furniture, or a minimal or modern style, the washbasins will always be an effective element in the bathroom’s decor, completely changing into the chromatic or furnishing style without ever disfiguring.

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